Suggestion to rig & animate the whole human arm with muscle and bone inside?

Good morning,

I have a human arm model with separate skin, muscle and bone meshes. Is there anyway I can rig and animate the human arm with skin, muscle and bone together inside UE4? If not, any suggestions how to make this right and fast?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Depends on desired quality. You could just skin the skin mesh till it works for you, then copy that bind onto muscle mesh and bones. For the bone meshes you should use 1influence per bone tho.

Now if you want to be more accurate than that (muscle flexing, sliding underneath skin, skin bulging to flexes, wrinkles, bones moving anatomically correct, etc. etc.) Youll have to do much more than that.
That would involve a few extra bones and some blendShapes to work together in order to make it all look right. In addition to that, probably some clever automated system in maya to make most of those things happen automatically.

So what would you like to do?