suggestion (possibly for both C++ and Blueprint system)

It’s a cosmetic and in some cases a functionality issue that I like to address - after a month of unsuccessful tinkering to get an acceptable result concerning the following:

A compiled game loses focus of game viewport (a secondary user triggered mouse click is necessary to grab focus of the game viewport in all instances throughout a game).
A huge improvement could include an automated script or blueprint to “fix” this.

last active forum post about the problem here:

I am looking forward for an update and hopefully a solid solution.

kind regards

Hey domi109-

This is a known issue that is currently being investigated (UE-13053). We understand the urgency of this bug and want to ensure proper functionality without impacting other sections of the code.



Thanks Doug for providing feedback on this.
I have a question, in 4.7.4 UE-9824 Widget class is replaced with a placeholder class when reloaded
does that address the issue?