[Suggestion] More education on breaking down camera functionality

Hi - I’d like to see a more indepth approach to documenting/tutorializing how cameras work with pawns, as level actors, and with characters. Each piece of sample content seems to approach cameras in sometimes very different ways and it’s not made clear as to why this implementation is used vs. that implementation etc. Like how is there always a default camera even without a level actor camera or component camera. And what happens in the viewtarget system. Which components need to be used to produce camera rotations, blending etc. Which classes need to be used for each condition - like pawn with third person camera should be x, character with 2 camera types etc.

I’ve just noticed an enormous amount of questions that aren’t addressed concerning cameras and there is no one spot where camera functionality is properly broken down with examples so it’s taking me a long time to search and gather information on the internet just to answer very simple questions.

Yes I have read the camera responsibility chain docs etc but it has zero examples or even a simple diagram. And why isn’t there a camera-aim component in the camera actor wrapper class?


I agree. When I was trying to figure out my camera I had to search through tons of documentation, tutorials, etc just to get an idea where to start. Given how basic cameras are this could use an in depth tutorial all by itself.