Suggestion : Button Press times

Any InputActions should have a checkbox to turn on a float for the time the button was held down. Just where the “Execute when Paused” and “Override Parent binding” is…Nearly all games have at least 1 “hold to do this” command…it’d be nice to just make it a checkbox away…

Hi president this is to easy of implement with BP:


oh yeah…I’ve got one working as well…I set mine with a timeline up to 5 secs since I won’t charge anything that long anyways…but still to do it for each button and how many people have asked how to do it I just thought it’d be cool if it were assigned to each input…Thanks though…it’s always cool to see how helpful everyone is on the forums…

I am in support of Preseident here. I think if a function or features is common enough, it would be nice for epic to amke it into a node or marco, so people do not have to keep reinventing the wheel.

On a sidenote, why couldn’t we have a save/load & setting template or Wizard. Just about every PC game have it, & they are 80% or so same in functionalities (adjust sound vloume, adjust resolution, adjust AA…), with main differences in layout & visuals.