[Suggestion] BSP-Style/World-scale static mesh shadow density

I’m often tasked with building huge maps entirely with imported and mostly unique static meshes. Each of them can range in scale from a meter tall to an entire sky-scraper. Traditionally, I spend a good chunk of time going through each and every mesh and setting the shadowmap density by eyeballing it. This is really labor intensive and very prone to error. And, if I need to change things it’s a complete do-over.

I’d love to be able to set the level instance of a static mesh to use a density setting, much like a BSP surface. So if I set it to 4, the editor will assign a lightmap density that will approximately match that world scale (One texel per 4 uu). this way, I could easily select all the meshes that are in my player’s primary path and set them to a high value like 5 or 10, etc., selecting the meshes farther and setting them to a uniform density, say 100, then for the background, setting it to 500 or more. In just a few clicks, I’d be like 90% or more of the way there.

Here’s a real quick mockup: