Hey Epic! Hope everything is going great as you ramp up for 4.5. I have been working on a lot of arch viz and have come across some issues with Matinee that I am hoping could be corrected in Sequencer.

-A render movie option that is accessible through Blueprint or C++.

-Access to the command line arguments like ‘-BENCHMARK’ ‘FPS’ ‘-DUMPMOVIE’ through BP or equivalent for rendering out of sequencer

-Access to all curves (e.g. Rotation, Scale, or anything else that is keyable)

-Somewhere to add codecs for rendering movies / frames.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for your time.

  • Native Maya/Max camera import [with correct translate/rotate values]

  • Live sync [cameras, lights, static&skeletal meshes, alembic files] with Maya

  • Ability to export render passes separately