Suggestion: Alternate frame renderning (ALL / CAM-ONLY / ALL / CAM-ONLY...)


I wonder if it’s possible to only update all world objects EVERY-OTHER-FRAME? As we need very high framerates for VR (DK2: 75 fps / CV1: 90 fps+) it can be really CPU-consuming to update the state of each and every object every single frame. If we could just update the *camera *every other frame this would still keep head rotation and positional latency low without stuttering while saving large amounts of CPU performance.

Would be fantastic if UE4 could expose this in the project or render settings. I think, it’s really worth a try and should not be too hard to implement (at least I hope so).

Thank you,


Sounds like a good idea to me in principle. I hope either Epic themselves or someone with a good understanding of the engine gives it a go!

This would only lower the CPU usage, which will help, but most people have difficulties with the GPU side of things :slight_smile:

There are other important tricks which people are trying out - Submitting the scene once to the GPU and rendering two views from there, only rendering things past a certain distance once and re-using for both eyes etc.