[suggestion] AI Pathing Alternatives

For future AI additions, might be a few out there that would find alternate forms of path finding useful.

Wager this is using an A* or something close as a default in the system. (Maybe custom? Dunno) I’m starting to port over some code I had in C# for something similar to an RRT algorithm, since that produced the best feel for our particular situation. Course, not here to discuss that, just had to think that might be a few out there who might want to experiment with AI movement yet never put together their own system. Maybe even some of the vector field systems used in some RTS games.

Granted, there are folks out there who get hired to only program path finding, so I know it’s not the most easy feat to put in there. Just wanted to offer the suggestion since I couldn’t find it suggested and in the off chance there might be some option to put some randomness into the current algorithms. (My searching methods are bad, and yes I feel bad about that)