[Suggestion] Add a close or cancel button to the "Source Control Login" dialog

Hi Guys,

When you click this:


This dialog pops up:


There is no way to back out of this dialog without making changes to your password at least. This dialog should have a cancel button to allow users to cancel changing any login settings, if the button was pressed in error, or just to check login details are generally correct.



You don’t have to change any info, and your password doesn’t need to be entered again (if you leave it blank your cached password will be used).

The reason there is no ‘Cancel’ or ‘X’ button to close is to enforce the concept of a permanent connection to an outside server (as would be the case when using Perforce). This is mainly for legacy reasons & assumptions about using Perforce-style workflows, but importantly if we make sure you have a server connection then we can also enforce the locks necessary to prevent concurrent editing of files (as we currently don’t support merging of assets within the Editor workflow).

Thank you. Great explanation.