Suggestion: A common cross project content library

Would be nice to have a cross project content library to keep all common assets like materials, animations, etc together.

The idea would be even better if you had to copy from the common library into your project, and then if you do any changes to it you have to copy it back to the common library to update the “master”. Then any other projects using this asset will get a notice and you can choose to update your project from this master if you like.

Hi Ruudscorner,

If you go to your engine filepath and select the engine version you are using, you can add custom folders to the \engine\content\ folder and when you select “View>Show Engine Content” in the content browser of the editor your folders should populate across multiple projects as you are describing.

That is a feasible solution, but is far from a true “common library”. “Show Engine Content” gives a lot of bloat if all you want is a common library with custom assets.

One other thing a common library would do is fill the gap between the Marketplace and all your projects. What one have to do today is to copy to a project from outside the project to get anything from the marketplace into a project. A common library could hold all these assets from the Marketplace so they can be accessible from inside a project.