Suddenly "The Sun" is broken - solved

Hello everyone,

i’m pretty new to ue4, so my mistake is maybe something simple…

i was making a map for pavlov vr. so far, everything went ok, despite it’s my first map and it’s not the best looking. however, the map itself is done, working and released on the workshop.
now, i wanted to optimize the lighting, so far, everything went optimal. i use static lighting with a directional light. it looked like in the screenshot.

i changed some things in the optimization process, and now i don’t know, what causes the issue. Problem is, everything is super dark (screenshot).

the only lightsource that seems to work is the indirect lighting to some extent, and the point lights. the sun however, doesnt do anything. it doesnt react to lux-changes, color-changes, indirect light changes, nothing.

things i’ve done before i noticed that the light is broken:

  • changing the lighting level scale (in world settings) from 1 to 0.1 (as a hint in a map-making handbook…)
  • merged some meshes
  • changed the lightmap override resolution for many meshes (so they become green in the lightmap density view)

i reverted the lighting level scale back to 1, but nothing changed… i replaced the directional light and tried other directional lights with different settings, nothing changed…
the build time is already at about 15 minutes with preview-settings, so everything i try costs time and nerves…
do you have any ideas?


Hello everyone,

I found the mistake. I deleted the bp_skybox because i use a mesh as custom skysphere. i added the bp_skybox again and the light is fine :slight_smile:

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