Suddenly, out of nowhere, player is flying instead of walking? VERY confused!

Okay, I don’t really know what section this really should be posted in, but I’m running into a very strange problem. All of a sudden when I’m play-testing my game, my character is no longer walking on the floor like he’s been, but he’s now “flying”. I have changed NOTHING with the player code (at least nothing intentionally… The worst I may have done is hit ‘F7’ out of habit a few times instead of hitting the compile button on blueprints.) But the gameplay aspect I’m working on (a light that moves across the sky) has absolutely nothing to do with the player character, and I don’t even have the player character open.

Also, the flashlight that is normally attached to my player is no longer there, and none of my key mappings work. it’s almost as if the game is no longer spawning my player character.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: My level is completely generated by code. The only two objects I have in the world outliner is my level generator, and this new light I’m working on. This is not, and has not been the problem because this is the way everything has been since the project started, and this problem just appeared about an hour ago.

is there some strange setting that maybe got toggled by an errant key-press? What could possibly be causing this. Collisions with the level geometry works just fine, but if I look up and hit the W button, I’m flying.

Thanks for a QUICK response! I’m at a standstill until I can figure out what is going on.


Okay, discovered where the problem was. How it got changed, I have NO idea since I was nowhere near this setting, like, EVER! But I double checked the “World Settings” and somehow my “Default Pawn Class” was set to “DefaultPawn” instead of my “FirstPersonCharacter”.

Again, I have NO idea how this changed, as I have never come in here to change it, but I’ll keep an eye out if it happens again to determine if there is a bug somewhere causing this problem. (Working on 4.11p2 since my level crashed in 4.10.2 and could never, ever load it in 4.10.2 anymore. But, oddly, all the strange “bugs” that seemed to appear in my code and cost me an entire day’s work trying to track them down suddenly disappeared and my code worked (unaltered) just fine in 4.11. I’m of the mind that 4.10.2 picked up some SERIOUS bugs. My 4.10.2 problems started with being unable to save blueprints after compiling my C++ code)

Maybe that explains one of my current issues, where I"m unable to resize terrain, all fields are unchangeable, and faik there is no time limit is there ? lol

Glad you found it, now if only I could find out mine, or maybe I just need to switch to 11 ;0-ha