"Success" checkbox on " Finish Execute"

Hello .

As you know every task in behaviour tree starts with “receive execute” and ends with “finish execute” , and each finish execute has a checkbox called “success” .
Can anyone explain to me what the “success” is for ? i can understand it says whether the task succeeded or not , but what does this mean and how it affects the tree ?

the bluprint functon library only says : success::Boolean :expressionless: . In some of the official training documents , it says " make sure you check the "success " box . it doesnt say why ! i couldnt find anything explaining this.

Does the flow jumps to another task only when a task succeeds ? or it will jump to another branch even if the task doesnt succeed ? it finishes execute ? what will happen if the task doesnt succeed ? what are the usage of it in general ?

And any game related examples would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance .

If you set success to false your task will fail. It means, if you have your task in a sequence it will fail that sequence. Or if you have your task as a first branch in a selector then the next branch will be executed.

i also want to know what the influence especially if it’s a latency task.