Subway Simulator


I am trying to make Helsinki Subway Simulator.
How should i make train car to turn with rails?
And so they follow the “main” car.

Thanks for help
P.S if somebody wants to be scripter in this project just send me a PM

Take a look at the “Blueprint Splines Content Examples” and splines in general. You can use one of those for your tracks and then move your character on top of it.

Here’s another thread in the about someone else doing something very similar:


i have problems with this step:
i cant find like “Set distance along spline” or “Target Spline 1” or “Get distance along spline”

You should ask in the thread I linked. It seems like a few people got it working but I myself didn’t actually build it and here in the students section it might not get enough attention from someone who actually did this.

If you work with UE you are as much a part of this community as everyone else. You are certainly free to use every part of the forum and the answerhub! :smiley:

Yea i will ask
and i am new in here so not sure where i should write this :slight_smile: