Subsystem Steam not working


since yesterday I try use the steam subsystem plugin to make archivments for my game.
I can not connect to steam. This is my current setup:

  • I enable the steam subsystem plugin
  • I add a new directionary Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv144 with \Win64 and \Win32
  • I added steam_api64.dll /// steamclient64.dll /// tier0_s64.dll /// vstdlib_s64.dll and also the one for Win32
  • In the config\defaultEngine.ini I add some code
  • I am using UE 4.21.2
  • Its not working with 4.18 or 4.22
  • Its not working with a new project





Now I have expectet that the Steam icon in bottom right corner will be show up and that I will be able to call the steam overlay but nothing happens.

Have someone experience with this and can help me?


If you run Steam as Admin you have to run Unreal Engine as an Admin :slight_smile: