Substitute for planes?

I cant find the plane primitive anywhere. Is there a way to mimic the function? I want to create some small hills around an area of my scene. Do I need to use the terrain creator? Maybe create a smaller patch?

create a smaller patch, do not use the terrain creator it will probably glitch and maybe even malfunction, plus smaller patches may take more space but they are undeniably better for this type of games.

If you can why not model the small heal inside blender or 3dsmaya and export it into the engine.

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking of making it in Modo which is going to force me to really think about placement. I like the speedy approach, drop some meshes, terrain and whip something up which is why I’m longing for an in editor plane. :slight_smile:

Hi pkenton,

You can find the EditorPlane if you expose the engine content folder by going to Content Browser>View Options> Show Engine Content. It should be located there if you look for static meshes. Have a great day!

Thanks alot for that information Adam.