Substance w/ Houdini Engine to Unreal :(

Anyone know how to embed a substance into an OTL? I know it can be done and be able to use the parameters of the Substance within an HDA in Unreal, but can’t figure out WTF to do and no help in the documentation.

  1. I import the substances into a shop net inside the HDA graph
  2. Add materials via material nodes in Houdini
  3. Add unreal_material with paths to the materials - trying both channels and actual hard paths - ie paths to the substance file itself AND Material’Game/HoudiniEngine/Temp/Material.Material’ do not work for me.
  4. Add the Substance files to the operator type graph…
    Nada, just two blank materials imported. :(

Houdini 16.0.600, Unreal 4.15 and the latest Houdini 16.0.620 with Unreal 4.16 both same issues

Anyone know how the embedding works?  I don’t want to set up materials from scratch as I do want my Houdini files to render outside of UE4 as well, so hence, why I want to embed them vs. re doing it in Unreal.