Substance Textures to UE4 without Substance Designer

I textured one of my characters using the default substances within Substance Painter, and he looks awesome. I exported all of the textures as a 16 bit png and imported them into UE4 and he looks aweful. His skin is way too pale, the pores and bumps from the substance is way too strong (where I lowered the height force setting).

I followed the very long and mostly irrelevant tutorials for creating the material in Substance Designer to use inside of UE4, but after getting all of the materials set up his skin looks the same in SD as it did in UE4. Is there any way to fix this issue and maybe just import the textures into Unreal to replace the Subsurface material I already have set up for the character’s original textures? This is proving to be an overwelming task for a program that has given me such good results in Substance Painter.


You should be able to export the textures from SP and it look the same in UE4 as well as SD. There definitely shouldn’t be any discrepancy. Which outputs did you use on export? Can you post an example of the outputs that you exported so I can take a look. In UE4, the base color map needs to be tagged as sRGB, but the metallic and roughness maps need to be set to linear.



Thanks for that info! I actually fixed my issues. I’m still having a problem with the skin, but after darkening it and reimporting it back into UE4, it worked, so I guess I need to get the skin shade right as well as learning how to control the Height within Substance Painter. The normal Map always shows the bumps in the skin way too much and it seems that using Height Force has no effect at all over it.