substance textures question

Does anyone know of anyone else that makes/sells substance textures other than Allegorithmic (clearly they would, they’re the company behind it all)

Hi I take it you already checked out TurboSquid?
They are out there I have seen them. I’ll have to check my bookmarks to see if I saved any sites not affiliated with Allegorithmic.

There is some guy that sells his creations on his site, but I can’t find the bookmark.
Others on here might have links.

I found a few on Turbo Squid, but most were posted by Allegorithmic

as for Game Textures, I’m not even sure how to search for substances on there, if there are any, unless they plan to redo all their textures with Substance Painer

There are a few on the Unity Asset Store but most people sell substances as part of asset packs or something similar.

I contacted Game Textures, they told me they have long-term plans to make textures with Allegorithmic, so that’s good news