Substance Plugin Released

Binaries are Located Here:

Source Code can be found on Github:


  • Substance Versioning changed slightly. Now the last number is part of a common series of releases. For example,,, etc are all based on the same Substance Plugin because of the ‘5’ at the end.
  • Updated Substance Engine Libraries
  • Fixed image input RGBA32 issue with alpha channel
  • Fixed default sRGB flags for some output roles
  • Fixed typo in substance blueprint functions
  • Fixed issue in multi-channel inputs in Graph Instance Editor
  • Fixed Texture2D flagged as modified on startup
  • Fixed “delete factory, instances and outputs” issue with multi-graph factories
  • Made set image input accessible via blueprint.

Epic have recently started a Github branch of UE4 called “Substance”, is some sort of collaboration between the two companies likely in the near future?

I believe that was actually an issue with Github.

It seems to have disappeared now

Any ETA on Substance plugin 4.7? :slight_smile:

You can get it from their github repo at