Substance Plugin Released

Compatible with 4.5.1 (We also provide the 4.4 binaries)


  • Updated substance library binaries
  • Fixed import options labels
  • Specifying path for instances and materials at import now works as expected
  • Fixed a display bug when duplicating graph instances
  • Now allowing to create folders/sub-folders when importing a substance
  • Fixed substance image input buttons look
  • Improved default naming scheme for instances and materials
  • Fixed reimport regression (was crashing)
  • Fixed reimport crash when graph instance editor is open (temp workaround, closing the editor to prevent crash)
  • Fixed graph instance editor crash when docking graph instance editor main widget and closing parent window
  • Improved graph instance editor default layout
  • Added support for Linux

These fixes are available in the GitHub Source of

  • Fixed Mac platform bug preventing import of Substance Image Input
  • Added sampler addressing modes for substance textures

Its still crashing at reimport here.

Hi Heilbutt,

Would you be able to email me at with more information? The Substance itself might be very helpful too. Thanks!

Hi Heilbutt,

Actually, if you redownload you should be good. We uploaded an earlier version that didn’t have these fixes :frowning:

Hello,your pugin is very good!!

I have a UE4 .5.0 and 4.4.0,which version can I install yours?

I wish there is one Plugin never crash, We think it.s the best one.

Hi Nforce2016,

The latest and greatest is always recommended (in this case 4.5), but we do provide 4.4 binaries as well.