Substance Plugin Released

This release is compatible with the new UE4.5 release. Enjoy!

, my project crashes at SubstanceFPackage.cpp after I converted it from 4.4.3 to 4.5

I’ve put in a temporary fix locally at Line 211 by adding a null pointer check for ‘itInst’ but I’m not really sure what impact my fix has on the plugin and whether I should be doing a ‘continue’ or ‘return’ in that loop. Not sure if anyone else has seen this issue as well.

My ‘fix’ at Line 211 was as follows:


if (Substance::SubstanceCache::Get()->CanReadFromCache((*itInst)) &&


if (itInst && Substance::SubstanceCache::Get()->CanReadFromCache((*itInst)) &&


This bug has been fixed but I’m in final processes of packaging it for distribution. Until then change line 209 in SubstanceFPackage.cpp to read:

for (auto itInst = (*itGr)->LoadedInstances.itfront(); itInst; ++itInst)

and it should then work for you

Thanks so much for the prompt response :slight_smile: Love the work Allegorithmic is doing with Substance.