Substance plug in creates pixulated materials up close

Well the long title sort of describes it all. I built a c++ base code project set up the substance plug in and imported the sbar files the free 30 substance files that came with the indie subscription. From a distance it sees alright up close on any 30 of them create this pixulated mess. I was really considering buying the data base 2.0 since its on sale until the 13th but unless i can get this sorted out I will have to pass. I am sure it must be a check box or two. I saw about the srbg being unchecked in roughness and metallic and they imported that way so i have left it. When i import i have it automatically create the material so I assume it would do it right. Any trouble shooting advice would be awesome…Thanks

Ok i think i got it now, in the texture setting on the roughness map i changed it from default from texture group to tri linear or bi linear both make magic happen. Not sure the difference or what this does but it looks legit now.Just wanted to update the thread for future developers. If any one has additional advice on using substance in ue4 i am all ears cause i do not know half the settings.

Hi X.E.R.T.,

We are looking into this. I recommend for now setting the filtering level so you can get the quality level you want.

Well it seems to only work for a few materials I have gone ahead and purchased the 2.0 data base and hope to find some updates from your side on what settings need to be done in order to get the correct look. I will update with some more images of the pixulated issues when i get a chance, I have tried using the linear settings and still no solution. Let me know if you guys figure anything else out. Thank you Josh.