Substance Painter to UE4 result matching

I know that Substance painter is fairly new but my experience with it so far has been great however i have a problem when it comes to exporting the generated maps from Painter to UE4 and i was hoping someone might be able t help.

So I understand that Substance Painter utilizes an Image Based Renderer but when i create my texture maps within Painter they look MUCH different once i import them into UE4 and plug them into a Material.

Metallic and Roughness values are much higher in UE4 and the color and brightness values for the Diffuse maps aren’t the same - I find myself having to compensate for this within Painter by looking at both UE4 and painter side by side and while making the adjustments which causes me to have to go through multiple iterations. and i still don’t get the result I’m looking for.

I don’t have this problem with texture map exports from say ZBrush or MARI. Is there any way to setup the rendered within Painter to simulate the renderer in UE4 so i can see a better representation of how things will look before i export them out to UE4 or any other way to bridge the gap between the result of both programs?

Thanks in advance!

I saw you posted this on Allegorithmic’s forum as well, if anyone can answer your question it would be . He probably hasn’t answered right away because of holidays.

You could always email them a support question as well.

also same problem, i think Allegorithmic’s must to do preset for UE4 in painter for best matching results.

Try un-ticking “sRGB” in the roughness and metalness map texture properties (in UE4)

Like SonKim wrote you need to disable SRGB in the texture options within UE4 and you need to this for all your exported black and white textures from SP or SD like Metall and Roughness.

Unchecking sRGB for the Roughness and Metallic textures worked perfectly, i dunno why i didn’t think of that… Thanks!!!

That is the correct solution. The metallic and roughness maps need to be interpreted as linear.


Additionally if your material is metallic you’ll need to add a “reflection sphere” in addition the above steps get a similar result to what you see in the substance software?