Substance Painter Live Link only sets Base Color

Hi at all,

I’m facing a Problem with the Substance Painter Plugin / Live-Link.
It’s only linking the Base-Color to the created Material. I assumed, that the created Material had linked all Textures to it (Like Roughness, Base-Color, Metallic…).

I did the following steps:

  1. I installed the Substance Painter Plugin, activated it and restarted UE4
  2. I exported my Mesh from UE4 to Substance Painter with Live-Link
  3. I added Textures to the Mesh in Substance Painter etc.
  4. After saving my changes, the generated Material only contains the Base-Color

Please see the attached Pictures (1 - 3 from left to right) for more details.
1 Picture: Right Click on my Mesh and Left Click on “Send to Substance Painter”
2 Picture: Adding a Wood Texture from Substance Painter to the Mesh
3 Picture: Generated Textures (4 additional Textures are missing such as Roughness, Metallic… etc)

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.