Substance Designer .sbsar, sRGB and washed out baseColor maps


Just as many others I’m experiencing issues regarding baseColor maps and color spaces.
After hours of searching for a solution (or explanation that matches my results) I’ve almost given up.

I’ve made a graph in Substance Designer, exported it as a .sbsar file and imported it into UE4. As you might
expect the generated baseColor map does not at all represent the result I get inside Substance Designer.
The color is extremely washed out!

I’m fully aware that the only texture map that should be ticked as sRGB is the baseColor and that UE4 only supports
maps with a depth of 8-bit. My .sbsar generates maps with correct sRGB settings and Substance Designer is
set to export with output format “8 bits per channel”.

I’ve tried to export my maps straight out of Substance Designer to set up my own UE-material with the same result.

At this point it feels like this is how it should be even though other posts says otherwise. I’ve even added a sRGB-converter
to my Substance graph to get a true preview of how the baseColor will output in UE4 (I remove it before export)…

I want to create a landscape material that matches a color scheme that I’ve choosen for my project but with this result
this is not really possible.

I really need to solve this!


I’m playing around in a C++ Third Person Template Project with it’s light settings