[Submitted] Gardening Pack

Hi Guys , I have submitted my gardening pack and it will have dozens of foliages and assets that will be perfectly suitable to be placed in your virtual garden.

This pack includes -
21 Bushes
20 Flowers
35 Plants
20 Trees
20 Stones
17 Vases
3 Grasses
4 fruits
41 Other Static Meshes

The foliages are high poly and average tri count varies from 50K to 70K. The minimum being 4-5K and some of the assets from every variety has tri count as high as 650K.
Price - 29.99$.

Below is the video demonstrating the demo garden level.

If you would add LODs it would GREATLY improve the usability.

Yes I have a plan to add LODs as well as to replace the high poly meshes with low poly with high texture resolutions and normal maps. That way this can be used for mobiles and IOS as well.

That is very high for trees. I guess if you put it into context the free speedtree models and most that are advertised on there site are about 5000 ploy for a “desktop” tree “mobile” trees seem to be under 1000. Yours are 50,000?

If you can look into the KiteDemo Assets , some of the trees have poly count as high as 60K , and I can see that the speedtree non-free models have poly counts of over 1 lakh. So it entirely depends on the usage. As mentioned , I will try my best to optimize them.

I have not seen a speed tree model over 100,000 tris For sale, But I have not had a grate look. Your stuff look good regardless :slight_smile:

Thank you. How about this one ? Low poly has 5K and high poly has 900K tris:D

yah, your right the KiteDemo Assets are a that high. as you side it all depends on the use.

That’s actually a model for our Cinema Modeler, not intended for realtime use, hence the high poly count :slight_smile: Don’t buy them, they won’t work in UE4.