Sub-levels not showing in packaged game for both ios & windows


I m having a blueprint-based project containing couple sub-levels within a main level.
Packaging goes smoothly for both ios and windows, but other than the main level none of the sub-levels are showing in the packaged game, although they are all visibile and playable in editor (PIE & Standalone Game).

Can the sub-levels be missing from the package ? or loading sub-levels isn’t supported yet in packaged game ?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Alkemisto

Yes, level streaming is supported in packaged games. Please review the following Documentation: Blueprint Manual Level Streaming to be sure you have everything set up correctly. If you are still having problems you can send me your project via Dropbox or Google Drive link in a private message to me on our Forum



Addendum: If you are using “Launch On” to launch straight to the device for testing, which is different from packaging and deploying to a device, you will not be able to Stream Levels (just mentioning this because sometimes people get the terminology confused.)