Stuttering with low res gameplay

Why is my game stuttering even after changing scalability settings to medium for shadows and textures, it seems to drop 10fps at specific points.

I’m after smooth motion at 720p how can I configure my game so PIE runs at this res.

My game is running at 1680x1050 currently stats fps is showing a massive 120fps but it keeps dropping to 110fps intermittently, my question is how can I configure this to get smooth gameplay at 720p or better still 1080p but without the stutter?

I think it’s hard to say with so little info where you have to optimize.

Have you checked the profiler? They should help you finding the bottlenecks.

If you haven’t done that:

That looks pretty complex, how do i run this?

Starting here I guess would be good:

For the stuff shown at the start there you type stat unit in the console.

Hi Gmi,

The numbers for draw call seems to drop between 2.34 and 3.4 the other 3 values seem pretty stable at 8.33, what does this mean?



This is getting a bit strange, out of frustration I selected everything except the skysphere and just yanked it a couple of inches above where it is in the left viewport, now the values for “game” have dropped to 5.3 and the other 3 values are at a pretty constant 8.33?!

How do I fix this?