Stutter on Skeleton mesh on more powerful machine.


I am trying to figure out what could cause stuttering on the skeleton mesh on one of my computers.
I run the same code/build on both my machines but on the newer more powerful one (both cpu & gpu) I get stutter on just the player character skeleton mesh.
It happens when I move the character.
I updated the gfx drivers, I have a very clean system with just win10 and not much else installed or running.
The ‘stat’ command looks like its hitting the right speed. Other moving meshes don’t stutter.
The same build runs fine on my much older weaker machine.

It’s probably hard for anyone else to guess what might be going on but I just thought I’d post to see if anyone had any ideas?

EDIT: I think I have isolated it down to mainly coming from a Two Bone IK node in my anim bp. Not sure yet why it happens. Also still strange that it consistently happens on one computer and not the other.