Stumped by something super easy. Regarding a one time action maybe? no clue!

In the picture below you can see I’ve got a destructible mesh tied into a set amount of health. Everything I have done so far is in perfect working order except for ONE thing. So I’ll explain what I want to do and go from there.

I want to destroy an object and have it spawn another one when it gets blown up. This works perfectly except for one small problem. After I shoot the object, it spawns another one and continues the script. However, if I keep shooting the object, it keeps spawning more and more and more and more… . . U get the point. :slight_smile:

So when the object blows up, and I shoot the debris from the object i JUST blew up, it will continue to spawn because the script thinks it keeps getting to 0 or below health. I don’t want this to happen.

If you look at the script, you can see that when the object gets to 0 or below health, it will continue the script. How would I get this to stop spawning more then ONE at a time? It’s like shooting an enemy AI, and only asking for one AI to spawn at the same time.

When the object I want to blow up gets to 0 or below health, how can I have the script spawn a set amount of objects? As it is right now, it keeps spawning until I stop shooting the object. Sorry, it’s kind of difficult to explain what I’m asking… Late night trying to figure this out.

Have you tried destroying the destructible after it spawns the item you want? I’d try adding a DoOnce after your delay before the SpawnActor node and then at the end of that chain (which I can’t see) add a DestroyActor node (destroy itself).

Obviously, if you have logic that needs to continue running on the destructible that won’t work, but then the DoOnce should keep it from spawning more. Also, you can always set up a reset to the DoOnce if you need it to happen again, but not all at once.

Hope that helps push you in the right direction.

I am with Gooner, use a do once.


It looks like the destructible mesh is spawning a destructible mesh? Is that right? That doesn’t seem right to me. The “main” actor probably shouldn’t be a destructible mesh. And on it’s Destroyed event, it should spawn the destructible mesh. That’s how I do it.

you guys are awesome! Thank you soo much for the help! The do once worked perfectly. got me to do exactly as I wanted!