Stuff from Level blueprint coming back every time I enter the same level

I have like 2 stuff on Level Blueprint on Begin Play event, a Level sequence to play once map loads and a dialogue system. Once the sequencer ends, with a trigger event on sequence, I change the map. All work fine here. However once I return to my first map, the sequencer and dialogue start repeating themselves.

How can I stop a sequence from repeating itself all the time when you enter that specific level? I want it to play only once and never again, not repeat itself every time I enter the specific level. I tried using the Do Once and Destroy nodes but without any success. Then people suggested me to use GameInstance node and use boolean to save those changes but I couldn’t make it work. I watched many tutorials on Youtube but still couldn’t understood since no one done that with sequencer. Can someone help me/guide me or do a very basic example with triggering an event from map only once and make those changes in map permanent until you exit the editor?

Save game. When you run the sequence, write a bool to the save game.

As part of the beginplay, first thing you do is check if the bool has been set in the save game. If so, don’t do anything…