Stuck with Pawn Movement

Hy ,
This is my first post here.

I’ve been playing with UE4 in last 2 weeks and i’m stuck with 3d ball rolling .

What i try was to ‘recreate’ this ball controll .

He can move camera (i was able to do it) , every time when you press ‘w’ in game move forward, if you look in video, somehow the ball update his face .

My ball move around but never update the ‘face’ and after a while if i press ‘w’ the ball goes back .
I read tutorials and many threads in last week and i did’t find anything about how can do it .
It’s possible to show me the way ?

Here’s the video :

Hi anaro,

Gould you Plesse post some Screenshots Form your ball blueprints. Besteht is the event graph and the Details panel Form your movement components.

Hi AnaroGames,

In the game example you posted it is very likely that the ball rotation is “faked” through a texture translation (and some smart use of sound effects). If you properly time the texture translation in the UV space with the translation speed of the ball along XY, the resulting effect is that of a rolling ball. This technique is quite common as it gives the feeling that the ball is rotating while it is actually just translating.

Check out this tutorial. At a certain point into it Alan covers using Texture translation to fake a rotation of the tank tracks.

Post more details about your current project to get more help.


I just found out how its work.