Stuck on making an MGS (Metal Gear Solid) like cover system.

Okay. So throughout a couple of weeks and probably nearly a month. After digging through the manual,answer hub and videos i still don’t get know how i can create a MGS like cover system.

These pictures demonstrate what i mean:"]

This is where Snake (The player) is about to stand against the wall facing in the left direction."]

This is when the player had pressed the <- Arrow to lean against the wall because that’s the direction he’s facing since this is mostly a game viewed from the birds eye view. Since the player pressed <- Against the wall, he now rotates by 180 degrees to the right and switches his animation to the wall leaning animation. This makes him “stick” to the surface which allows him to traverse some areas that cannot be traversed without standing against the wall."]"]

In these two images the player can move up/down with the up/down buttons on the dpad while holding down the <- button which allows him to move along the walls. He will stop moving against the walls or stop “sticking” against the walls if the player releases the <- button which returns him to his idle state.

I know what i want to do and i broke it into chunks and pieces but i have ran into a problem. I really don’t know how i would trigger an overlap event that somehow affects/changes the players animation. I don’t know if i do this in the animation blueprint, character blueprint or the wall blueprint i have created.

I know that so far that the animation blueprint’s event graph is used to control values that change the animations. (correct me if am wrong).

And i know that the character blueprint is related to how the player moves. (correct me if am wrong).

But i am very lost about what goes where. I really don’t know what to use in the context list. Its becoming very confusing.

If anyone has any tips or could give help i would be very thankful for that.