Stuck in blueprints implementation

hi everyone
sorry about my bad english its not my native language.
1.i made a level in which i have two character inside. i can click each of the character and posses them.
i made a vereible that is for command point. i whant that each time i press a character i will reduce some command point until i reach zero and then it will be the ai turn .
2. i am stuck, I tried a lot of way to do that and faild every time. i think i dont know how to use the function that will get the verible from two differnt charater.

Any help greatly appreciated
thanks in advance

Where do you store the variable? You need a common place to store it that is reachable by both your controller and AI controller. Ideal place for this would be the game mode probably.

If it is in the game mode you would than access it using Get Game Mode | Unreal Engine Documentation

hi aknarts
thanks a lot for the help i will try your suggetion.

thanks you very very much, i manage to do it throw game mode blueprint