Struggling with server hosting

Hey guys! I’ve recently started working on a game, but the thing is that my servers that players would make don’t work. I tried many different methods, but always the problem seems to be that the players join to one session but they don’t see each other if they wish to load from the main menu to another map (for example to the lobby), but if I launch the game from a map that’s like a lobby where the mesh can be seen when a player spawns down and if there are 2 or more windows opened, the players can see each other. I think the problem is that the players join the server but they both have different worlds, but please help me with what went wrong in your opinions. Thank you very much.

I think your question is far too general to get a sensible and specific answer. You need, perhaps, to show what it is that you are doing. There is a good series on youtube about creating a lobby - have you worked through that?

Yeah I’ve checked out several things like that, here’s a video that shows what’s wrong:

Here is what I suggest.

  1. Create a GameInstance and put your host and join session functions in there. Call them from your widget. The game instance will persist when you move from map to map. You will have problems if you want to move from map to map and your widget no longer exists.
  2. You do not need to follow your join session node with an open level. The host creates a session and then opens a map which is listening. The joiner will automatically appear in this map. I think this is what is causing you confusion.
  3. Your video was far too fast and furious. Some blueprint screens you showed were just a blur.
  4. You say you have watched several things like that. I suggest you slow down and actually follow it in detail. It does work. You will not save any time by guessing.
  5. Be patient.

Yes, the open level node was not needed for the joining players. Now it works, thank you very much.

Yeah, that open level node wasn’t needed, now it works. Thank you very much ^^