Struggling with how to create animation, is Maya the only option. 3DMax is my anim. t

hi all,

i have purchased the new monthly subscription for the engine and i have been spending the last few days watching all the tutorials on youtube.

I am very impressed with the engine and can’t wait to release some VR experiences.

The issue i can not get past is how to import complex animations. As an example i want to be able to walk up to a statue and it comes to life and has lots of movement interaction. I have only seen information on how this is done by using Maya. Are there any other options, is 3D Studio Max an option for this process?

thanks for any help

Of course 3ds max is an option, but so is any animation software. The only limitation is your skill and knowledge.
I personally don’t use Maya for animation and I don’t think any small studio needs to use Jeremy Earnst’s A.R.T tools for Maya. You would only need them for rigging hundreds of characters very fast, but your average indi developer might only need two characters every six months.
Animation is simple to learn, so you just need to brush up on your knowledge, and there are at least five million tutorials on YouTube covering it :wink:

thanks for the quick reply, but i may have not asked my question correctly.

i guess what i meant to ask was…when i create an animation in 3D Studio Max, maybe 1000 frames for 30 seconds, what is the import process. Is there a correct frame rate i should be using, any export/import file restrictions, do i add this through a BluePrin in the Scene?

all my content will be for VR

Well the frame-rate I use is 30fps, and the export process is covered in the documentation.
Most of my animations I’ve imported are over ten thousand frames, so 1000 is pretty small. You import your animations and then add to them to your anim blueprint.

All that said, READ the documentation and you would have answered most of your questions. :slight_smile:

thanks, i appreciate the response, i have been madly watching and reading as much doc as i can in my free time but there were a few key points i needed to be clear on before jumping in seriously.