Struct crashes everytime I look at it with breakpoint

I’ve been trying to trace down a problem related to my “iteminfo” struct 'break’ing into empty for no reason and it kind of led me here.
My “Inventory” array of “iteminfo” struct crashes the program when I look at it (e.g. mouse hover).
Sometimes it allows me to look at one end of the connection line and crashes on the other end, or vice versa.

My tests usually start with Inventory empty.
I have tried switching it out with a remade struct to some extent and it exhibited similar behavior.

In most other situations, the inventory actually works fine. I can add and remove to the inventory array without issue.
I am able to pull the slot information from the item successfully all the way up until I try to pull the item info from the inventory. When I see the item on the ground and when picking it up, it works fine. But when I try to then use the item from inventory in any way, it doesn’t do anything. Then looking at the array in that function crashes for no reason.

I don’t know what else is needed, but I’ve submitted several logs through the program.

You’re probably better off writing a little dump routine for the struct anyway. I’ve found the debugger variable inspection to be quite unreliable.

adslkfjasdf ok

I was able to resolve the source of my issue so it never gets to this state. It seems like it’s still a bug due to the crash behavior, but other than that I’m good now.