Streaming Volumes and OnActorOverlap events

I couldn’t find the answer to this one.

What is happening.

If you right click on a Streaming Volume in the World Outliner, you can add an OnActorBegin(End)Overlap collision events to your Level Blueprint for that Streaming Volume.

If you right click in the Blueprint Editor with the Streaming Volume selected and the Context Sensitive checked or unchecked, you will not find a way to add an OnActorBegin(End)Overlap collison event to your blueprint for the selected Streaming Volume.




When the game runs, the Streaming Volumes do not register an overlap event, even if the nodes are present in the Level Blueprint.

What I want to accomplish

When I enter/exit a Streaming Volume I want to be able to toggle a Bool in my Blueprint. (as shown in the image)

The use of this Bool is to keep track in which Streaming Volume the player is in, which in return determines the name of the Streaming Level the player is in, since the GetCurrentLevelName only returns the name of the Persistent level (unless I am missing something).

The questions.

Can the GetCurrentLevelName node retrieve the name of a single or multiple streaming levels? Is there another node that accomplishes this?

Can we or can we not use OnActorOverlap collision events with Streaming Volumes?

They register collision events, since that is how they load the streaming levels assigned to them, so it should be possible.

Do I have to change something in the collision settings of my Character?

Is there another way to get the name of the Streaming Level/Levels the player is currently in using only Blueprints? (If not a C++ solution is also welcome)

Thank you in advance.


If you run the following during Begin Play (or wherever you want) you can get the Level Streaming Volume to act like a trigger volume.

The problem is that when you do that, you cause the Level Streaming Volume to trigger every Collision Trigger Volume inside of it and they in return trigger the Level Streaming Volume, so use it with caution.

Now although this solved my problem it caused another. Since the Level Streaming Volume now triggers every other Collision Trigger Volume inside of it and they in return trigger the Level Streaming Volume, I specify that the actor triggering the overlap must be the Player Character. When I do that the Level Streaming Volume stops Generating Overlap Events all together.

Did it both ways, moving the cast to the Begin Play event and promoted it to a variable.


I recreated the conditions in a new map and everything worked as it should. I added a Trigger Volume inside the Level Streaming Volume, made the First Player Character the only one that could trigger both volumes and everything worked. The same setup does not work on my game map though.


It turns out that if you have multiple Trigger Volumes inside a Level Streaming Volume and you turn that Level Streaming Volume into a trigger, unless you specify the Other Actor in every OnActorOverlap event, the whole thing does not work for some reason. But if you do, everything works fine.

This one is SOLVED.