Streaming levels with blueprints


I have a game with two separates scenes (two different persistent levels). When the game starts one of them is opened and after an event I open the second one with a “open level” node.

The thing is that I want to make them streaming levels to reduce the load time (by loading them before make them visible) and when I put both inside a third persistent level and replace “open level” with “load stream level” all works fine… until I restart the engine and try again, that’s when weird errors come up.

Errors like a variable that I’m setting in a “event begin play” with “get all actor of class” now is null when it wasn’t before restart the engine. Also if I place an “is valid” node in this cases, it is valid (I have a breakpoint on the “false” exit of the “is valid” node and it doesn’t stop there).

For example, I have a class called “New hand interactable” which had a collider inside called “InteractibilityCollider”. It looks like this:


The only place where this collider is used is here (used to enable/disable the collisions):


This access can’t return none because this variable is not being used anywhere else but here a none access error comes up:


The only thing I can think about is a corruption memory issue but I’m wondering if streaming levels normally cause this and how.

Thanks in advance.