Streaming levels: sphere coming out from nowhere to randomly localtions.


This one is weird, I’m aware. As I moved my project from just one persistent level to different streaming levels, a sphere is randomly seen from time to time in random locations of the level. Of course, a sphere i didn’t placed myself. At first I thought it was related to building or compiling the level, but no. Where is this weird sphere could come from? it seems like a virtual poltergeist popping out from another dimension!


EDIT: It has to be with the second pawn. As my pawn is not in persistence level (big mistake) the second, new pawn, is causing some kind of sphere spawning. I’ve changed my GameMode and this is not happening anymore. The more I use Unreal, the less I know :wink:

Sounds like you should include that in your game as a feature…
“this game is haunted by a sphere poltergeist I did not code. It’s some sort of remnant of some ancient coding, buy the game now to experience this bizarre manifestation”.
instant top of steam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: