Strange WheeledVehicle physics

I have an issue with my Wheeled Vehicle collisions, and it’s hard to put into words - so here’s a video:

I can’t tell what’s going on here. I have every physics debug view I can find on - and there shouldn’t be anything colliding here, and yet there seems to be a collision mesh blocking all on it’s own, and the physics asset of the mesh is completely ignored.

One car is just the Skeletal Mesh being dropped to see if the mesh has proper collision. The other is the same mesh as a WheeledVehicle blueprint, using the mesh, camera boom, and a camera. Nothing fancy, except the extravagant collisions. What on earth is going on here to make it just ignore the physics of the mesh entirely and flop into the ground?

You will find the WheeledVehicle code has changed quite a lot in 4.2. This will probably require some re-working if you have already been using it, but hopefully you will find it much easier and less error-prone to set up a vehicle. We will also have some new video tutorials on the subject going up when that release comes out (hopefully this week).

Oh thanks! I had only made a mesh and tinkered with it so far. I can work on something else for now.

Are there more debug views available? I would definitely like to be able to see the collision volumes of things in case something like this happens again later on.

There is a console command ‘show collision’ that lets you see simple collision geometry in the game.