Strange UV Maps for Epic-made assets

In order to get a better understanding of best practices for asset creation, I’ve been having a look at various assets from the downloadable examples on the marketplace. I’ve been finding some very messy (and out-of-bounds) UV maps associated with the assets and can’t understand how they’re rendering properly. Take the tree (COG_BuildingSetA_Tree_02) that the player faces at the start of the BlueprintExamples demo. UV Set 0 is just plain ugly:


UV Set 1 is better (but seems to only be suitable for lightmapping):


Take another asset from the same level. SM_COG_Demo_Theatre_Floor_Half has some out of bounds geometry (presumably the backfaces) and a alot of unused space in its texture map UV set:


Also, many of the assets have three UV channels (usually the third being a variation on the first with the same shape UV shells but of differing sizes). The following example is from the Mobile Demo:


Is there a particular reason for these UV layouts looking so out of spec, so to speak?

Haha. Same expression. Just accept it… =)))

Because it matches the textures, there’s nothing weird going on, that’s just UV mapping

They are scaled in such manner in order to fit UE4 unit system 1:1. It allows to use any material made by Epic or from Marketplace without stretching and further modifications. In other words - they have “real world” scale