Strange Sound issue

I am trying to set up the sound a ball makes when it hits different surfaces. I started doing this by making an actor blueprint and putting a cube in it. I used the below bp to create a sound when the ball hits the cube.
The strange thing is the sound plays when the ball drops from this height but in the next screen shot when I move the cube closer to the ball nothing happens when the ball hits. I don’t hear anything.

Anyone knows why this is happening?

Ok so I changed OnComponentBeginOverlap to EventActorBeginOverlap and at 1st I thought that fixed it but then it became even more bizarre in that depending where the ball dropped in the level it would just decide whether to play the sound or not.

The above screencapture didn’t record any sound but you can see the BP below it simulating so you can see when the sound plays. Very strangely in the middle of the video you can see when the sound plays when it doesn’t even hit the cube but plays when it hits the floor. The BP you can see is in the cube.

Location of sound is 0,0,0 , check on your map, where that is…
Drag out a node from–> as Ball - get world location - plug into Location.
Check your collision on both objects.
I bet you try to setup a bouncing ball sound.
When you go that way, you get problems quick.
Here try that Google
Äditt: Next important thing for you is attenuation Google

Ya its a bouncing ball effect I’m trying to go for. I already did do a Google search using similar wording to the one you use but I didn’t find any tutorials that go over a sound playing when an object hits another like a ball hitting something. Even the google search you included doesn’t show anything like that. I checked collision for both objects. Get world location gives you two options. Defaultsceneroot and static mesh. I tried both but I get no sound at all now
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.32.32 p.m..png
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.32.53 p.m..png

So can anyone figure out what is happening here? Or at least point me in the direction of a tutorial somewhere. It is so strange that there are virtually no guides or tutorials on an object making a sound when it interacts with another object. You would think that with all the tutorials about lighting, landscapes physics and so on there would be more tutorials about sound other than place a sound in the map type tutorial.

Typically 5 minutes after posting this I figure out a way to do this easily.