Strange shadowing of tree with alpha leafs

Hello forum!

I recently created this tree (refer to image below) using Tree[d].

I fixed the materials in UE4, applied the materials, and build lightning.

Now, for some strange reason, the shadows end up like this:

I’m not sure why this happens, but it looks like the alpha is being shadowed as well?
Have anyone else encountered this? If so, please provide me with some assistance :slight_smile:

You have to increase the lightmap resolution of your ground :slight_smile:

And where exactly can I do this? :slight_smile:

When you are using a landscape, just click on it - in the details panel (right side of the screen) search for “static lightning resolution” - change it to something between 4 and 6 (dont go above 8) :slight_smile:

And then it takes ages to build lightning? I’ve placed a few trees (around 300) and set the lightmap resolution to 4. Now, building the lightning, takes ages.
Basically the forest looks like this:

As you see, it’s extremely dark, but I want the light of the sun to shine through the leafs (doesn’t look like that’s working). Any suggestions?

You will have to add a skylight so that you get rid of those shadows :slight_smile:

Ye that seems to help. Thanks :slight_smile: