Strange Ray Tracing FPS drop in editor but rises after clicking PLAY once

I have a project. It has ray tracing with DX12 enabled. When I launch the project the first time, the editor fps is very low (10fps) but only while moving the camera around. If I stop the fps goes up to 40fps and if I hit PLAY once the game is launched in PIE and seems to have all of its ray tracing features disabled. Once I quit that PIE session it goes back to the editor and again seems to have disabled all of the ray tracing features and the fps is now 40 to 60 with no drops while moving the camera.

I only have one post process volume in the map with a landscape which is set to enable all of the ray tracing features.

Whats strange is that the RT features are there on launch of the project but then gone once I have played once.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?