Strange problem landscape and light fps drop

Guys any idea why if camera is far away landscape its ok 120fps but when closing and closing camera to landscape and cross some “magic line” boom fps drop to 90 without reason, I thing its somthing wrong light source becouse when I remove this directional light source everything its ok, and of course empty landscape withoiut foliage etc just only one layer

I set post procces effect to low and the same what is going on ? this engine killing me, pls help. As you see if camera is hight 120 fps, near ground 90 wtf

Just expand the PostProcessing section and look at what it takes that much.

I deleted editor setting and shaders is little better but still post process take 3ms even is low

what’s enabled in the post process settings? Try enabling Vignette, reduce it to 0. Keep it enabled so it remains at 0 because if it’s disabled the vignette effect will remain at the default for the camera. It’s only one thing to remove, but look for stuff like that. I understand how the engine is weird with different things.

Wait… are you talking about performance drop in game or in editor?

Hi, if you want to test performance, then always start your game in a new process (standalone for example), but never in editor. Else you will get wrong results due to the performance the editor itself uses.

The framerate is capped at 120fps, try to uncap it by using the console command “t.maxFPS 0”.