Strange physics-related hitches in 4.11

It’s definitely the same behavior. I’m not sure if hitches or jittering or what is the best way to describe it. As the octopus rolls around, you can see the center of his body jitter and jump as you bounce around in certain situations. I can package up the project if you’d like to take a look at it in motion.

That may be best so I can get a good understanding of what is occurring.

Thanks for taking a look at this Adam. I shot you another build over the forums. Let me know if I can provide you with any more info!

I’m also experiencing this issue with the vehicle blueprint updated to 4.11.1

I’m too. With Collision Box component with simulated physics and Post Physics tick group.

Hi BrianMay,

Unfortunately it looks like I did not receive your PM, can you send another to me so I can pull the build?

Hey Adam, thanks for trying to take a look. I think I shot you the new link now. I think I accidentally replied to myself over the forums the first time

Hi BrianMay,

I responded to your forum PM. Have you tried the fix I suggested within it? Did this address the error?

Looks like this was resolved with this bug: UE-24725 Vehicle templates have jerky movement when turning due to SpringArmComponent

Hooray! Thanks!