Strange look of light scenarios in Sequencer


I’ve got a problem with sequencer (or maybe i’s not with sequencer?). I’ve got a scene, with 2 light scenarios - Day and Night. I added set up of different buttons for each scenario, so when I Hit “F” Day scenario loads and Night unloads and when I hit “G” it goes opposite way. Below you can see a movie1 from a link.

My problem is when I set up sequencer, in for example 23rd second I want the Day scenario to hide and Night scenario to load. So I used “Level Visibility” inside the sequencer, set up as on the screen below and function works as it is, but light in the scene doesnt work correctly (video2). Whre is the problem/my mistake? Maybe I should just add key frame of hitting “F” or “G” instead of playing with “Level Visibility”?

Here is a link to my channel with these 2 movies (I couldnt add that link in standard way)