Strange lighting artifacts on character

What is going on with the lighting here, for some reason the character doesn’t match the lighting in the area, I’ve tried different materials and different settings in the light, and it still seems to do this.

EDIT: I should clarify it only does this in certain areas of the level, other areas it seems fine.

Does your character skeletal mesh have a Physics asset?

Not too sure, I’m working off the third person blueprint example, only thing in there that is changed is some bsp stuff and some blueprints.

Hey Recker -

What is the types and mobility settings of the lights in your level?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Are the walls static geometry (BSP brushes)? Are they set to static or moveable? Is there indirect lighting in the scene?

What bake settings are you using?

I’ve tried static and stationary lights with inverse squared on and off, it seems to do it less with static lights but it’s still there, the lights are pretty much default in terms of settings all I do is change the colour slightly and change the intensity so it fits.

They are whatever it puts in by default when you drag in a box from the geometry section under the modes panel, I just adjust the size.

Also I’ve tried all settings and it still seems to do it…

Still haven’t fixed this yet…